About Us

The Guiding Institute for Developmental Education, Inc. (GIDE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of GIDE is “To enhance the education and life-long learning for underserved youth and their families.” GIDE currently provides services to over 200 students and their families at four sites: Cleveland Avenue Homes, Piedmont Park, Rolling Hills Apartments, and Townview Apartments. These communities are designated as Public Housing and Section-8 areas. All of these communities have a long history of high crime rates, drugs and violence, high unemployment rates, teen and pre-teen pregnancies, single parent fatherless homes, and poverty.

GIDE has a Board of Directors which is comprised of non-profit managers, consultants, attorneys, public school administrators, and business professionals. The Executive Director, Bill McClain, is an experienced and award winning, Winston-Salem community worker who has more than 30 years of experience in developing programs, working with, and directing programs for underserved youth and their families.

A goal of GIDE is to develop interdisciplinary thinkers. Integrative instruction is the act of consciously applying methodology and language from more than one discipline to make connections in content that cuts across subject areas. The National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics recognizes that integrative instruction can be a powerful way to present information to students. It has the potential to present abstract topics in a practical, application-driven way. Literacy and STEM are integrated throughout the curriculum.

GIDE has four primary focus areas:

  • Parents and school engagement
  • Parents’ personal development
  • After-school tutorials, homework assistance, and enrichment activities.
  • Summer enrichment activities

Objectives and Anticipated Impacts of School Year and Summer Programs:

  • Identify, recruit and select parents and students with priority given to those who live in impoverished communities
  • Create a framework and an environment that increases effective communication between parents, schools, students and the GIDE staff.
  • Provide engagement activities, programs and training designed to inform families of the role they play in their child’s academic and career development and train them how to fulfill that role
  • Increase students’ reading and math skills
  • After-school teachers increase alignment with school day teachers
  • Increase student homework completion rate
  • Increase in the incidence of teaching and assessing life skills during after-school time
  • Reduction in student’s referrals for disruptive behavior

As of this writing, we are providing services to 102 parents and 217 students.

Your $250 donation will provide a student with a year of scholastic enrichment activities as well as opportunities for additional growth and development.

As a thank you, sponsors will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the student they have “adopted” as well as receive a photo of the student.