Youth Education Academy

scholarA daily afterschool program that includes tutoring, homework assistance and enrichment activities for students K-12. Services provided by certified public school teachers.

DIVAS – Dreams Initiating Virtuous Alternative Solutions

Parent engagement, training and activities to include a Parent Council, with the intent of increasing parental involvement in schools and the communities in which they live

PHASAC – Gang & Dropout Prevention through Youth Sports

The Public Housing Authority State Athletic Conference (PHASAC) provides academic assistance to high school students, both male and female, to support graduation and college entry or vocational training through the sports of basketball and cheerleading. The PHASAC program is an alternative to street life

STEP – Summer Teaching Enrichment Program

Summer activities that provide academic stimulation and career exploration for students during their summer vacation. This summer program is intended to reduce “Summer MELT” or the loss of academic gains during the long summer break.

Youth Entrepreneurs

A program that provides an introduction to entrepreneurship, covering financial literacy, sales & marketing, business law, business planning and application and presentation to receive seed capital.

Your $250 donation will provide a student with a year of scholastic enrichment activities as well as opportunities for additional growth and development.

As a thank you, sponsors will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the student they have “adopted” as well as receive a photo of the student.